Paper and cardboard

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive recycling service which collects on average around 50 tonnes of paper per month. Paper products such as copier paper, newspaper and magazines should be placed in woven polypropylene bags ready for collection. Cardboard can be bundled but smaller quantities can be bagged.

Once you have a sizeable amount of paper that you would like to recycle contact us and quote the reference ZZPAPER. We will then arrange collection and issue you with a waste transfer note which you should retain for three years. Paper and cardboard collected by Wiles Greenworld is sent to UK based mills where it is recycled into items such as newspaper and cardboard boxes.

Call our sales office now on 020 8758 7700 or email us for more information.

Green office tips: We don’t just recycle paper and cardboard, we collect over 16 waste streams. To find out more contact Wiles Greenworld London office supplies today.

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