Over a 100 firms promise electric fleets by 2020 with Go Ultra Low

The transition away from petrol and diesel power towards low energy alternatives such as hydrogen or electric is currently a slow and long process due to the vehicle costs and lack of infrastructure but Businesses are in a great position to bring the transition forward and reduce emissions.

We, at Wiles Greenworld, Green Office Suppliers London, are passionate about reducing emissions and exploring new technologies, in light of that we are signed up to the Government funded scheme Go Ultra Low, which is attempting to promote and encourage corporate action on electric powered fleets and company cars.

Now over a 100 companies, including Wiles Greenworld and Commercial Group are working with Go Ultra Low. The milestone was reached on Friday after Ovo Energy, Oxford City Council, Santander UK, Swansea University and Gatwick Airport joined the initiative, which sees companies pledge that electric vehicles will make up at least five per cent of their fleets by 2020.

Climate Change minister, Claire Perry commented “it’s good for business, good for the air we all breathe and good for reducing the amount of greenhouse gas we produce.”

The cheaper running costs and greener carbon profile are making EVs an increasingly popular choice for work-related driving. Research conducted by the Go Ultra Low campaign earlier this year found that 69 per cent of people without access to an electric company car said they would choose one if they could.

We are proud to support this initiative as we understand the need to create an Emission Reduction while maintaining our deliveries of Green Office Supplies. We are taking part in a project to test and integrate new hydrogen fuelled vans into our fleet of vehicles and we are always exploring ways of putting electric power to use, and we will meet our at least 5% electric goal by 2020.

If you like more information on Go Ultra Low please visit their website: https://www.goultralow.com/ and if you would like more information of our projects or how our Environmental Consultancy can help your Green Office please call our customer services team on 020 8758 7720.


Go Ultra Low v2.0

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