Our free of charge recycling services…

If you work in a London office, you may have heard how much cost is eaten up by disposing of your waste and that, until recently, most of that waste was taken to landfill where its recycling potential was unrealised.

Although the local authorities of London are doing better in recycling more of the waste they collect they are still far behind companies, who like us, guarantee that none of the waste we collect from our customers goes to landfill.

We can offer this guarantee because our service is designed to promote recycling at work, educating staff, promoting segregation, which in turn helps us achieve a better quality of waste collected with more recycling potential.

We offer our customers consoles, sacks, bins and boxes to help them separate waste and recycle more, and our drivers will then collect this waste free of charge* when we deliver your office supplies to you.

If you’ve been looking for a London recycling service, that delivers the maximum green benefits, contact us today.

Green Office Tip: Print double sided paper every time you print.

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