Online simulation to help cut carbon

Chris Huhne, energy minister Huhne has unveiled a new website aimed at helping people cut the UK’s carbon footprint by 2050.

Launched by (DECC) Department of Energy and Climate Change, ‘My2050’ aims to help people make the transition to a low carbon economy and even more importantly, will tell DECC what they want 2050 to look like.

The website enables individuals the power to makes choices over the UK’s energy future. Users are given options including building more nuclear power stations, move everyone to electric cars or investing in cleaner coal. These are great energy tips for everyone, by reducing carbon emissions switching to greener alternative, companies and individuals are likely to benefit from cost savings and support sustainable development.

All the moves are aimed at helping the UK reach its 2050 target to reduce carbon emissions by 80%. Mr Huhne said, “This project is all about getting to grips with the hard choices and trade-offs which need to be made, choices which will affect your homes, communities and the way we travel. We can’t afford to leave it till tomorrow- so get involved today”.

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