Nuclear fears intensify in Japan

The Japanese government has said radiation has reached dangerous levels and has ordered people in the 20km exclusion zone around the plant to leave the area. People living within 20km and 30km are advised to stay indoors and keep windows closed.

The debate over nuclear power will intensify although David Cameron dismissed any parallels between Japan’s situation and the UK’s.

He said, “This is clearly a fast moving and rapidly changing picture, and the Japanese Government are doing everything they can to manage the situation they are facing. We are in close touch with the Japanese authorities and have offered our nuclear expertise to help manage this very serious incident”.

Nuclear power carries huge risks, and is vulnerable to the potentially deadly combination of human error, design failure and natural disaster. There are cheaper, quicker and crucially safer ways of meeting our energy needs and emission reduction targets, it is particularly perverse here in the UK to launch the building of a fleet of new nuclear power stations.

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