New Data Protection laws – Find out how your business may be affected.

Here at Wiles Greenworld London Office Supplies, we want to keep our clients updated with all the new laws that can have an effect on them. As you may or may not know the European Data Protection law is changing and is coming into effect in 2018.

Starting May next year, the Data Protection Act will be replaced by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is a framework with greater scope and tougher punishments for those who fail to comply with the new rules surrounding the storage and how personal data is handled.

What are the new measures for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation?

  • Consumers will have the right to be forgotten. This means customers now have the right to ask businesses for access to their personal data and for the personal data to be wiped, therefore having more control over their information is handled/removed.
  • Personal data will be expanded, as it will reflect new types of data which were not covered by the 1998 regulation. These include IP addresses, internet cookies and DNA. The reason behind this change is, because there has been concerns that people are being targeted via their internet browsing records.
  • Privacy is a key issue when it comes to Data protection. Many websites force visitors to opt out of being added to their email and phone call lists by ticking the box at the end of online forms. The change in the law will mean that people will have to opt in to being placed on a cold-calling lists and be alerted that their information is being handed around marketing companies. Therefore, resulting in people receiving fewer cold calls such as if you’ve been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault.
  • Automated processing, this is a law that is also being taken over from the General Data Protection Regulation at this moment of time the consequences are still yet to be seen. This means when individuals are “profiled” by an algorithm based on their personal data, the individuals can ask for this action to be perform by a person rather than a machine. This applies to things like insurance and job applications as they are highly dependent on automation.
  • Data portability, which means consumers can move data between companies if they wish to.

Wiles Greenworld Green Office Supplies know that the new data protection will have many organisations taking action to comply with the law. We supply a variety of Shredders and a Confidential shredding service to help organisations comply with the new GDPR law.


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