Majority of UK public mistrusts corporate carbon claims

According to new research, only 7% of the British public believe claims made by companies that they are taking action to reduce carbon emissions.

The research also reveals that two-thirds of people question the authenticity of the promises, with 90% wanting firms to commit to the average 3% per year emissions cut required for the UK to meet climate change targets for 2050.

The poll suggests a growing concern of the issue, and the public having more awareness of climate change. However the claim that the majority of the public mistrusting carbon claims can be argued in some cases. For example, customers of Wiles Greenworld have full trust in the stationery supplier at their carbon reduction aims. Through using alternative fuelled vehicles, carrying out their recycling service at the same time as delivery and implementing energy saving technologies in their energy efficient office they continue to reduce their emissions year upon year.

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