London commuters the greenest

A survey of commuter’s transport emissions has thrown up the result that Londoners are the country’s greenest.

Research looked at the carbon footprint of peak times across the UK with a focus on London ahead of the 2012 Olympics. According to the survey commissioned by EDF energy, commuters in Greater London release the lowest rush hour carbon emissions in the UK at 1.35kg CO2 per person each day.

These results are down to the capitals well established train, tram and bus network. New transport is becoming greener and more people are realising the importance of lowering their impact on the environment.

Here at Wiles Greenworld, green office Supplies Company based in West London we aim to encourage our workers to use greener forms of transport. 80% of our sales team work from home and we also offer funds for those employees who decide to cycle to work. Our distribution fleet also runs on alternative fuels which continues to minimise our impact on the environment and keeps carbon emissions low.

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