London boasts about most green cars

According to a new study, cars in the capital are among the greenest in the country. London postcodes account for six of the ten areas that have the highest percentage of vehicles with CO2 emissions of 100g/km or less. Low polluting cars are also exempt from road tax and congestion charges, therefore those in London are benefiting from both having a lesser impact on the environment and also saving costs.

Giles Brown, event director for green motor show Ecovelocity, said the results were no surprise as London has 93 charge points, compared to Wales which has three.

London based green office Supplies Company Wiles Greenworld understands and supports the move towards sustainable development, by operating a distribution fleet that runs on alternative fuels we too have a lesser impact on the environment. Wiles Greenworld shares the same view as Giles Brown who says, ‘The rest of the UK needs to take note and understand the fundamental need to fully support the drive towards cleaner, low carbon-emitting vehicles’. The green office supplies industry leader also offers environmental consultancy to customers based in the London area to help them move towards greener business operations.

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