London announces Environment Strategy to make the city one of the greenest cities in the world.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, published his environment policy on Friday, which aims to turn London into a zero waste and zero emissions city by 2050 and ensure that more than half of the city is covered in parks and green spaces in the same time frame.

This three pronged approach to environment policy is backed up with proposals such as a new £9million Greener City Fund for London to create and improve green spaces, a Ultra Low Emission Zone where all vehicles will need to meet exhaust emission standards or pay a daily charge to travel in by 2019 and a £10 million solar power action strategy.

Despite these encouraging proposals, campaign groups have accused Khan of failing to carry out his pledge to create a not-for-profit energy company for the city, instead putting it out to tender.  Caroline Russel, a member of the London assembly commented “A publicly-owned Energy company for Londoners was a brilliant opportunity to make a real difference to Londoners, providing residents, schools, hospitals and businesses with affordable, low-carbon energy.”

The lack of the public energy company from the strategy has led people to question whether this plan can really fight fuel poverty. However this strategy does set out bold plans to tackle air pollution by setting out the need for even tougher pollution targets proposed by the World Health Organisation to protect public health, and starts to address the associated problem of indoor air quality.

The plan also sets out ambitious waste and recycling targets too. The plan aims to cut food waste by 20% per person by 2025 and to ensure 65% of London’s waste to be recycled by 2030. It must be understood that even if every citizen recycles responsibly that goal will not be reached unless businesses act responsibly and recycle their waste.

Here at Wiles Greenworld, Green Office Suppliers London, we welcome the Environment Strategy as we are passionate about contributing towards London’s Green Journey. We feel that recycling your businesses waste is a crucial step towards becoming Eco-Friendly and in that light offer a Free Recycling Service to our clients in London.

By making Recycling more convenient and reducing emissions on the road we are contributing to towards a Carbon Reduction. We attempt to take forward thinking Sustainable steps in every corporate action we take and encourage all business in London to do the same.

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