Let the end of green office week mark the start of your green office!


All this week at Wiles Greenworld London office supplies we’ve been raising awareness of green issues in the office. We even shared green office tips from the team all in an effort to make the office a greener place to work. Now that green office week is coming to an end we hope that you have been encouraged to reduce your carbon footprint, recycle at work and of course use green office supplies.

Don’t forget that Wiles Greenworld is the green office supplies distributor of choice for businesses big that are concerned about their environmental impact. Whether you’re motivated by resource depletion, environmental damage or cost saving we are here to help every working day so don’t miss this opportunity to follow in the footsteps of international charities, household retailers and even governmental bodies by switching to Wiles Greenworld for all your office solutions. We guarantee great service, continued environmental advice and support and competitive pricing.

Green office tips: Thinking of switching to Wiles Greenworld but need convincing? Nine out of ten customers would recommend Wiles Greenworld to their business associates.

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