Inland Homes and E.ON to construct low carbon community in West London

Power and gas company E.ON has joined forces with Inland Homes a Brownfield regeneration specialist in order to build a low carbon community in West London through property development.

The Drayton Garden Village will have almost 1000 properties including homes, flats, social housing, an 80-bed care home a medical centre and retail units.

Once completed the community will have a level four rating on the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes. This system ranks homes on a scale of one to six, where one has a modest improvement over minimum standards and six is a zero carbon home.

The project has been designed with green space in mind, with nearly two-thirds of the site dedicated to gardens, trees and green spaces. E.ON is helping by decreasing the carbon emissions associated with heating and hot water by using combined heat and power (CHP) and gas boilers in a central facility. A decentralised energy system will reduces losses in transmission and help lower carbon emissions too.

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