How to make office cleaning “green”

Contrary to popular belief businesses of all sizes can make considerable savings by going green.  Companies can make small changes to significantly improve efficiency and pocket big money. The secret is to look at the activities that have an impact on the environment and identify suitable alternatives.  Office paper can be changed to green paper without anyone noticing except the finance department who can notice a reduction in the invoice. Similarly, using recycled toner cartridges can save up to 50% by simply switching to alternative toners.

Most offices use contractors for their cleaning so making sure that the cleaning company is keen to be green is very important. There a number of cleaning products with a reduced environmental impact that Wiles Greenworld London office supplies can provide at competitive prices. By ensuring that the soap going down the drain has a lesser impact on the environment the company could be greener and more efficient.

Green office tip: Be green without the pain, switch to recycled furniture and save.

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