How To Green Your Business..

We at Wiles Greenworld like to provide the Green Solution for our clients by finding simply ways to create a Eco Friendly Office. We understand that many of our clients want a more Green Office, but struggle to know where to begin.

Our Green Guru Toby Robins the Sustainable Development Director, has constructed a 30 page guide called “How To Green Your Business”.

Corporate Responsibility is important to us at Wiles Greenworld, By implementing an environmental management system you can be confident not only that your impact on the environment will be reduced but also that cost savings will be realised through the elimination of waste.

How to Green your Business guide introduces the issues and provides a structured action plan department by department, sample environmental policy statements and a list of useful websites.

To win a free copy of our “How to green your business” guide, click here to enter our competition, Good Luck.

Green Tip: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

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