What are the obstacles of adopting Sustainability within an organisation?

There are many reasons why organisations don’t adopt Sustainable practices.

First of all, the motivation behind being environmentally conscious comes from understanding and having the knowledge of the effects human activities have on the planet.

Many people are not aware of the rate in which the earth is heating and sea levels are rising as well as many animal species being extinct due to drastic environmental changes which all come down to our activities.

As many people are not aware of these issues, they do not feel the need to be sustainable.

Besides the above, many people/ organisations believe that acting green is more of an effort and costly however in fact that is incorrect as it can save the company a lot of money by adopting an Energy Efficient Office and a Waste Reduction Policy.

Also, some organisations may not be aware that there are environmentally friendly alternatives for the everyday products they use. Now a days, by changing the type of lights you use in an office or buying pens that come from recycled bottles could overall make a big difference on your carbon footprint, costs and environment. However, people may not be aware of these alternatives OR might think that the quality will be worse although that is not the case.

The good news is that in recent years people are becoming more aware of the environmental issues and put pressure on companies which has lead an increasing amount of organisations to adopt green practices, however of course, there is a lot of room for improvement and more organisations to come on board.

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