Green Office News: The acid test – how much of your office supplies turnover has a green benefit?

Did you know that green procurement of your office supplies can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your office? Buying the right office paper supplies for your printer, or office stationery supplies for your desks and meeting rooms can really help create an eco-friendly office.

Here is how… it so easy to buy low quality office products made from low grade materials. The old saying goes that “buying cheap and means buying twice” and this is the same here two. Wiles Greenworld have been able to identify competitive suppliers, with the same environmental awareness and principles as we do, that produce high quality products often made closer to home.

Look through our essentials catalogue to see the benefits of this, our range of green office supplies and recycled office supplies is unrivalled -so much so that we aim for our customers a green office product turnover 3x higher than the industry benchmark.

For a greener office, contact us today.

Green Office Tip: Does your office recycle? The Wiles Greenworld free office recycling service delivers further green benefits by diverting your waste from landfill and leaving raw materials where they belong. Click here for more information.

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