Thank-you to our Cool Earth Customers!

Over the last year our customers have purchased enough Cool Earth Coffee to protect 4312 rainforest trees from illegal logging and ranching.

To date, over 98 million rainforest trees have been protected, covering over 411 thousand acres which support hundreds of indigenous communities who, in turn, protect the highly unique ecosystems of which they rely on to survive.

Preserving these rainforests also allows them to act as carbon sinks, absorbing and storing approximately 106 million tonnes of carbon dioxide which would otherwise be in our atmosphere and thus contributing to climate change.

Thank-you for your continued support in protecting these rainforests.

If you are customer who is not currently purchasing Cool Earth Coffee to your employees to enjoy, why don’t you contribute to your sustainability and corporate responsibility agenda and help create a green office simply by switching your choice of coffee.

Why not also take advantage of other green office supplies while you are at it!

Give our sales team a call on 0208 758 7700 for more details.

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