Save trees with every cup of Cool Earth Coffee

Following up the previous article on Cool Earth charity, we would like to take a moment to talk about one of our Sustainable products the Cool Earth Coffee. Wiles Greenworld, your Green Office Suppliers London, will always put Sustainability at the forefront of our business which reflects on our products.  We are constantly looking for different ways to help our clients have a Green and Energy Efficient office.

Cool Earth environmental charity empowers local communities by providing them with funding and resources needed to
prevent rainforest destruction. We couldn’t think of a better way  to help your Eco-Friendly Office by supplying you not only Office Stationery Supplies but also Green Products such as Cool Earth Coffee.

Coffee breaks have become a routine in offices and now with Cool Earth Coffee you can fulfill your routine while being Sustainable.

✔ Cool Earth coffee is Fair-trade certified
✔ A 500g tub of coffee when purchased will save five trees from illegal logging.
✔ The Cool Earth Programme currently protects 155,000 acres of the Amazon rainforest.
✔ Cool Earth provides support and funding towards community and environmental initiatives
including health initiatives, education and conservation training.

Each client will receive an annual certificate stating how much rainforest they have protected by purchasing Cool Earth Coffee products. Cool Earth Coffee is the ethical and sustainable choice for you.

If you would like more details on this product, please call us on 020 8758 7700 or click here for more information


cool earth coffee

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