Renewables overtake coal as largest source of power capacity

In 2015 there was a global record of renewable energy installations, with 500,000 solar panels installed every day.

According to the  International Energy Agency(IEA), total clean power capacity increased by 153 gigawatts, overtaking coal for the first time.

The agency also increased its five-year forecast for renewable energy by 13% and now expects renewables to be 42% of global energy capacity by 2021.

Here at Wiles Greenworld, the Green Office Supplier in London, we started our Renewable Energy journey in 2014 when we installed solar pv panels on the roof of our building. We currently generate 75% of our annual energy usage from our panels and we buy the remaining 25% on a green tariff. Besides selling Eco Friendly Office Supplies we can also help you embark on your green journey by offering Consultancy and a Free Recycling Service.

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