Reducing carbon footprint = Profit?

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware that there are many benefits which come from engaging in sustainable business practices. It has been found that sustainable business practices help to reduce business costs, provide business opportunities and a competitive advantage, as well as, enhancing employee activity and helping to preserve the environment. There is also a growing interest from stakeholders as to the impact businesses are having on the environment. This is causing businesses to strongly consider their ‘green’ credentials and take steps towards contributing to the sustainable development agenda.

In addition, through engaging in sustainable practices, businesses have found that incorporating sustainability into their core business model helps to reduce their overall carbon footprint and therefore reduce costs and complement their waste reduction policy.

The illustration below demonstrates the elements which contribute to a business’s carbon footprint.

Source from: Comply Direct Carbon footprinting: the facts about the footprint (2nd May 2013)

Decreasing a business’s overall carbon emissions and consequently their carbon footprint will contribute to the reduction in business costs and ultimately the protection of the environment.

Green Office Tip: Here at Wiles Greenworld, we consider ourselves an environmental office. We offer our clients the option and the means to make their business more ‘green’ through providing a large range of business supplies, and green products which are sustainably produced or sourced.

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