Paper is a precious resource

We use it every day and more often than not take it for granted, but paper is one of our most precious resources. It’s made from trees which are growing in abundance and are the lungs of the earth because they clear the air of harmful CO2 emissions.

Shockingly only 9% of the world’s forests are sustainably managed. This means that 91% of the world’s trees are cut down at a rate that we cannot sustain. Wiles Greenworld the London office supplies distributor takes its corporate responsibility very seriously and as the leading environmental supplies company in Britain it ensures that 94% of the paper it supplies to customers comes from sustainably managed forests. The green office management advisor believes that the earth is our responsibility and being sustainable is our duty.

Green office tips: FSC and PEFC certified paper that comes from sustainably harvested forests and matches the price and quality of environmentally damaging paper.

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