MacBook Air Green Product

Apple’s MacBook Air makes an impressive eco-conscious statement, as does an array of other recent items.

From clothing to gadgets to toys, manufacturers are working hard to create environmentally friendly products for an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base. The Apple MacBook Air stands out as a green product. The ultra thin computer has a recyclable carrying case and was given a silver rating by the new Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) standard from the Green Electronics Council.

Having such a major industry leader such as Apple step up to the sustainability plate emphasizes the movement towards being green is essential in any industry. Apple is very happy that they have made this move towards designing and producing products in a green way, similar to London office supplies company Wiles Greenworld.

Wiles Greenworld heavily promotes green products to customers and runs operations around being environmentally friendly with minimal impact and harm on the environment. With products such as the MacBook Air and other IT gadgets being introduced into the office supplies industries, leaders such as Wiles Greenworld can promote the benefits of having an energy efficient office.

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