Green Office News: Your BAU needs to change… and we can help

Business as usual in the last few years has changed a great deal for the vast majority of companies as the financial crisis hit and outlooks change. Another way business has changed is the rise in the reporting of CSR activity and green initiatives.

For the first time last year all of the U.K’s largest companies reported their CSR activity which shows that green is now on the agenda more than ever.

To help you do the same we have a large range of green office supplies and a free recycling service that can kick-start your green BAU. Our consultancy offerings can help you get started with environmental accreditations too.

Green Office Tip: An empty vehicle delivers no benefit, so we fill ours with our customers’ recycling when we deliver. Consolidate deliveries, commutes and all incoming traffic to your office and reduce its scope 2&3 footprint.

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