Green Office News: Winter is drawing in… so it’s time to ramp up your layers, and not so much the thermostat.

As winter is drawing in and the temperature gets ever lower it is now the time to dig out those winter warmers, and don your chunkiest woolly jumper when you get home from work. As heating is the number one consumer of energy in the home and in the office it’s important to resist the temptation not to turn up the thermostat too much, and consider the environment instead.

If you haven’t investigated already, the UK’s ‘Green Deal’ initiative is in full flow and allows property owners to install energy saving and warmth increasing measures with no or very little up front costs. Insulation is a great way to keep warm this winter, and the same goes for your building too.

At Wiles Greenworld energy efficiency is just one part of what makes us the 2nd greenest company in the U.K. We’ve installed smart lighting, efficient hand dryers and voltage optimisers to reduce our energy consumption and you can do the same too.

Look no further than Wiles Greenworld for your green office supplies and a free London recycling service. We don’t call ourselves your ‘Sustainable Office Supplier’ for nothing!

Green Office Tip: Look around your desk and consider how many of those products could be from a sustainable source – our catalogue will then be able to show the green alternatives available.

Have a great weekend and remember those thick socks!

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