Green Office News: Wiles Greenworld, the company that cares

Reading the broadsheets is a popular past-time of the well heeled business men and women, especially in the city financial districts. So to get their attention, our friends at GreenPeace raised money to fund a full page ad describing the efforts gone to by oil companies to exploit the arctic.

At Wiles Greenworld we value our planet, including our ice caps, which is why we’ve been measuring our carbon footprint since 2008, consistently grown our London office recycling service and sell 3x more green products than our industry’s benchmark.

Our environmental office supplies span through our entire catalogue, allowing you make green choices with eco-friendly office furniture, recycled office supplies, business supplies and office desk supplies.

We can help your recycling at work schemes too, as our delivery vans can collect 15 different waste streams for recycling when we deliver.

Green Office Tip: Our friends at GreenPeace are running a competition to design a flag to be placed at the North Pole to show the world’s population is against Arctic drilling. Enter it here.

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