Green Office News: Wiles Greenworld on the road

A few us spent the morning away from Wiles Greenworld H.Q today to learn more about the power of social media and how can use it to our advantage.

We are already pretty well covered; search for Wiles Greenworld on both LinkedIn and Twitter to view our company profiles, and follow us for exclusive content and news articles relating to sustainable business and the office supplies industry.

Our profiles will tell you everything you need to know about our company; including our free recycling service, environmental consultancy services and our green office product range. In fact, we think we’ve grown from our roots as a traditional stationary and design supplier, to your all round sustainable office supplier. Let us know what you think.

Green Office Tip: If you think your company is a green company, be sure to mention it on your online company descriptions to get picked up by search engines.

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