Green Office News: Why the crackdown on illegal logging is great news for European consumers

This recent report highlights the continued problem of illegal logging from forests all around the world. Although the crack down is happening, with international crime prevention agencies such as Interpol getting involved, there are things that all users of paper products can do, including us in our offices here in London.

New legislation is soon to be introduced that places heavy penalties on importers of illegal paper products into Europe. To support these initiatives, and encourage the widespread use of legal and sustainably sourced paper it is important to buy right, and to buy certified. This is where Wiles Greenworld comes in. As the 2nd Greenest Company in the U.K and the greenest London office supplier we’ve considered our supply chains to the nth degree and are proud to announce that 99.5% of our paper sales are from either FSC or PEFC certified sources.

To introduce green office supplies or recycled office supplies into your office feel free to get in touch or browse our online catalogue for all the products we stock right here at our London office supplies HQ.

Green Office Tip: Wiles Greenworld can help your London office recycle too, we collect 15 different waste streams when we deliver, saving time for you and carbon for the planet. Look up our free recycling service and London recycling service today.

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