Green Office News: What is greener? Cup or mug?

At Wiles Greenworld we get asked all sorts of green office questions and the latest, as above, is a real corker. To answer it we searched high and low and found that there have in fact been some academic studies carried out on the subject.

Now we won’t bother you with the details, but rest assured the research undertaken was very thorough; covering areas such as the frequency of use, sourcing and washing techniques.

There is an argument for both alternatives so here are our conclusions:

If a company’s 100 staff were all brought a new mug, made in China, and they all slowly disappeared back to the employee’s houses or got broken the argument stays with the plastic cup, especially if they are recycled and then re-made here in the U.K.

However if the mugs were brought from home, lovingly kept and always washed in a full dishwasher then the argument swings back in their favour – but in the real world this is unlikely.

So do please feel free to make your own decision, the one that is most realistic for your office and the best for the environment.

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