Green Office News: What do you know of the ‘COP19’?

Does the above seemingly random collection of numbers and letters mean anything to you? If not then really they should. That’s because ‘COP19’ was the term adopted for this year’s climate negotiations, where 132 developing countries and environmental NGOs came together in Warsaw last month to continue discussions in reaching agreements that help to mitigate and/or avoid human activity caused climate change.

Fortunately there are ‘green shoots’ as, after two weeks of negotiations, key elements of a possible global deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are beginning to emerge. For information on the outcomes and new possible agreements from ‘COP 19’ click here.

Closer to home you will be pleased to know there are ways of achieving an instant carbon saving. Wiles Greenworld can help you reduce your carbon footprint straight away thanks to our green office supplies range, recycled office products and sustainable office supplies. For example our pens and highlighters range includes those made of post-consumer waste to reduce their environmental impact.

And then there is our award winning London office recycling service. Over 40% of our customers take advantage of this service that is completely free given that certain T’s and C’s are met. It’s been growing year on year since we introduced it and we currently recycle 50 tonnes of paper and cardboard every month for our customers – waste that would of otherwise have gone to landfill and more than likely been paid for too to be collected.

Green Office Tip: To find out more about how our products and service can help your London office reduce its carbon footprint, contact us today.

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