Green Office News: Welsh charity saves rainforest… guess what size they aimed to protect?

A report written today has announced that the Size of Wales charity has raised enough money to protect Peruvian rainforest equivalent to the size of… Wales!

£2 million pounds has been raised to protect 2 million hectares of tropical rainforest. This will stop logging activities and keep the forests’ carbon locked away.

We think this is a brilliant initiative, and its also why we stock Cool Earth Tea and Coffee where a percentage of sales goes back to protect the rainforests where these products were grown.

Cool Earth tea and coffee is just one of the many ethically sourced, sustainable and green products which we offer our customers. To purchase more green products for your office, to create an eco-friendly office of your own, talk to us today, or view our office supplies online catalogue today.

Green Office Tip: Print settings can help reduce your paper usage. Power-point presentations can be printed multiple  slides to a page and double sided to reduce paper office supplies use.

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