Green Office News: Walkie-Talkie Death Rays and why you need to know the environmental impacts of your office building.

If you haven’t yet heard yet about the Walkie-Talkie building in London and it’s dangerously hot ‘death ray’ all the info is available here. It is amazing how a building of such magnitude could have such a significant flaw, and that is probably the reason it has created so much of a stir.

There is a serious point to be made here though, and that is do you know the environmental impacts of your London office building?

An environmental management system can help you do exactly this; our friendly consultancy services can help your London office become more sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient whilst also gaining certification to ISO 14001 too.

Green Office Tip: Choose recycled office supplies and eco friendly office furniture to kick off sustainable procurement in your London office and reduce your carbon footprint.

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