Green Office News: There’s an Air Pollution problem in London, and here is what we’re doing about it.

A couple weeks ago a smog cloud draped itself over London, causing panic and recommendations from ministers that people with breathing problems not go outside.

Some may see this as a freak incident, however the facts are that London’s air is the dirtiest of any European capital, and carries a particularly high concentration of the PM10s and PM2.5s generally associated with diesel engines.

As we make deliveries into London, using our diesel vans everyday, this is a very real issue for us; and this what we’re doing about it.

1)      In 2013, we were part of the Energy Saving Trust’s ‘Plugged in fleet’ initiative, to assess if an electric van could work within our fleet.

2)      We have sponsored an air quality monitor that is an operation in central London, in partnership with

3)      10% of our deliveries are made by zero emission means (either by bike or electric van)

4)      We report upon the fuel efficiency of our vans and their associated footprint every quarter, and all our drivers have been ‘Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving’ (SAFED) trained.

5)      60% of our vehicle fleet uses stop-start technology to save fuel, and emissions, in the busy London traffic.

As a socially responsible, ethical and environmentally friendly office supplier we endeavour to do all we can to reduce our impact on the environment. It’s the reason why we have reduced our carbon footprint every year, year on year, since 2008; why we have been zero waste to landfill since 2008; why we have invested over £20,000 in green technologies for our new building; why we help our clients recycle more with our free London office recycling service; and most importantly why we are the London green office supplier of choice.

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