Green Office News: There will be a rather large bear making a very large point rolling through London very soon.

Protecting the arctic from industrial exploitation has been a concern for Greenpeace and other NGOs for a while now. Especially as oil exploration in the far northern reaches of our planet hasn’t been especially successful up until now.

Click here for more info regarding the Giant Polar Bear, and to support Greenpeace and other NGO’s in their pursuit to save the Arctic.

The science behind the importance of the Arctic to our climate goes something like this. The more sea ice that melts means the more sea temperatures rise, which causes more ice to melt. The sea ice melting also contributes to Methane release too, an even more harmful and warming gas than CO2.

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Green Office Tip: Keep carbon where it belongs – on the sea floor and in the rainforests – by choosing products and suppliers recognised for sustainability.

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