Green Office News: The unfortunate story of the timber trade

An article published here has highlighted the prolificacy of illegal timber imports into China, and how this nation has become the world’s largest importer of logged trees. In fact it has estimated that last year one-third of all the timber sold worldwide was bought by China, ‘with little regard to its origin’.

To put a stop to this, there is something we can all do, and this to be aware of where our products come from and change our buying patterns accordingly. At Wiles Greenworld we are proud that none of our products originate from illegal sources, be that unlicensed logging or factories using child labour. In fact over 99% of our office and design paper products sold last year were either recycled and/or from FSC or PEFC sources.

To further help your office be green, we can assist you in the recycling of over 15 different waste streams and help you switch over to ethically sourced and environmentally friendly office products.

Get in touch today to find out more.

Green Office Tip: Does the vending machine in your office provide tea and coffee in the disposable cups? Did you know that you can buy recycled alternatives that can be recycled by you too for re-moulding and re-use again and again, avoiding landfill in the process? Take a look through our online catalogue today.

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