Green Office News: The U.K power mix and how to better support green alternatives

One of our articles yesterday discussed how coal usage has risen dramatically as prices of the raw material declined and carbon permits became cheaper.

Today though, let’s end the week with some ‘greener shoots’, as our recent summer season has lead to great times for solar power. According to this article, there are now over 450,000 solar installations in the U.K capable of providing 6% of our daytime power needs, great!

But how can we roll this out further? Well businesses need to play their part which is why one day soon we’ll go ahead with our own solar power installation, here at Wiles Greenworld H.Q.

In the meantime we’re on a 100% green energy tariff to support fledgling new green energy providers and increase their capacity, thus helping to boycott power from fossil fuels.

And so can you! By coming on board with Wiles Greenworld you’re office can benefit from our green expertise, ranging from recycling all the way to ISO certification as well our 70 years of office supplies experience; helping you choose green office supplies, recycled paper supplies and plenty more green office products.

Green Office Tip: Interested in sustainability for your business too? Support the green economy by choosing more recycled and environmentally friendly office products.

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