Green Office News: The top 3 ways for your office to go greener in 2013.

Everyone says that a new year means a new start, so why not make a resolution on behalf of your office too?

Here are our top 3 ways for your office to go greener in 2013, and how we at Wiles Greenworld can help you with your goal.

1)      Recycle more – Any office generates waste which can be easily recycled. Currently, the U.K government is doing all it can to help the U.K to reduce its waste to landfill by recycling more. At present Wiles Greenworld can help you recycle 15 different waste streams from your London office, with most being absolutely free to our customers.

2)      Buy green – Consider sustainable procurement by looking into where all the products used in your office originate from For example do you know where the stapler sitting in your draw comes from? And who made it? 99.5% of the paper we sell comes from sustainable sources and we’ve also won awards for our green procurement practices.

3)      Get a smart meter to start measuring your energy usage in real time – Reducing the amount of energy your office uses could really help cut the overheads of your building as well as its carbon footprint. Our resident green guru’s can visit your place of work to conduct a green audit and feedback on the best ways you can reduce your energy usage.

So there we have it, the three best ways to cut the carbon coming into and going out of your office in 2013. Our expertise is in eco-friendly office supplies, energy efficient offices and recycling at work; and our green office products can really help make a difference to your office’s carbon footprint.

Green office tip: Carbon reduction and sustainability are both areas that we can help you with. It’s why our products and services have seen us recognised as the 2nd greenest company in the U.K by the Sunday Times.

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