Green Office News: The rain is back… again

It’s been a grey and damp day at Wiles Greenworld HQ and it’s got us thinking about the things we could do with all that waste water. As a resource that is getting scarcer and increasingly in demand it is now the time to be smarter and more resourceful in our use of water and what we do with rainfall.

Both homes and businesses can benefit from water harvesting; rainwater can be used to feed the plants, flush toilets and clean outside spaces in drier times. This is another example of green thinking that makes us different at Wiles Greenworld.

Our range of certified green or recycled office supplies can help make your office more sustainable, which certainly won’t dampen your spirits.

Green Office Tip: Why not target your office with small achievable goals to help practice green thinking. Our environmental consultancy services can set you on your way to a greener future and an environmental accreditation.

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