Green Office News: The latest on the U.K’s dash for gas.

We’ve reported on Chancellor Osborne’s dash for gas before, take a look through our previous articles below, but now we felt we’d update you as the Energy Bill has its final reading in parliament.

Basically there are two very contrasting sides to be on when considering our energy future. There’s a green side, backing a renewables only future and moving away from fossil fuels… and a not so green side, wanting to stay with fossil fuels (particularly gas) albeit in more efficient power stations.

Those backing a future still with fossil fuels do so because it is far cheaper (by the tune of £40 billion) and still delivers huge co2 reductions compared to our current power stations.

And those for a green, renewable future do so because it is exactly that. Although more expensive upfront, wind farms burn no fossil fuels, don’t require invasive techniques such as fracking to extract them and don’t pose high levels of environmental risk to surrounding towns and villages. Also, no-one can guarantee the price of gas and oil in the future, but we know that renewable alternatives will stay free forever!

We believe a green, renewable future makes sense on every level. The passing of the energy bill will make the U.K one of the greenest nations in Europe, with improved air quality and less dependence on fluctuating foreign resources.

To back the winning horse, contact your M.P to ask him or her to support the passing of the energy bill through parliament.

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