Green Office News: The Latest from Balcombe as Fracking Protesters take hold of site entrance.

As yesterday’s article rightly said, we’ve got an energy challenge on our hands to sustain our ever increasing power demands. The sustainable answers lie in power generation from renewable sources; such as solar, tidal and wind but there are still some that think otherwise.

Those that do, like our very own Chancellor of the Exchequer, support the practice of fracking to extract natural gas and oil from deep underground, which involves pumping water and chemicals in to the earth to break rocks and release the gases therein.

The problem with fracking though is that there is readily available evidence that the processes used lead to contamination of water supplies and the land around the drilling sites too if leaks occur.

That’s why the campaign group ‘Frack-Off’ are putting up a fight at a potential fracking site in Balcombe, West Sussex as they believe that a sustainable U.K energy future doesn’t involve fossil fuels, because they aren’t green, they aren’t clean and they’re not renewable! And we agree!

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