Green Office News: The importance of an audit trail for your office waste disposal.

Here’s a staggering statistic for you; the Environment Agency closed 25 illegal waste sites every week in England last year. Although there is an argument that most of these are fly tipping sites or just cowboys builders lots of people would be very surprised as to how sophisticated these illegal waste sites can be.

It’s these sites in particular that London offices need to be wary of. Any waste disposal organisation that collects without the full quota of documentation and that gets shady when asked could possibly be operating illegally. Fortunately for customers of Wiles Greenworld, your sustainable business supplier, and providers of office supplies and office recycling all over London this is not a concern they need worry about.

We’ve dug deep to investigate where our waste streams, and can supporting documentation too. For example, we can guarantee that 100% of the waste we collect is diverted from landfill and recycled.  Most importantly our drivers leave Waste Transfer Notes every time they collect, giving you a paper trail and helping to satisfy your Duty of Care obligations.

Green Office Tip: For more info on how Wiles can help with your London office recycling, including confidential waste London, contact us through our website today – and receive all the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint too.

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