Green Office News: The impacts of going green are wide and considerable, we all need to!

Creating an eco-friendly office environment could be just the start of a low carbon future. How so? Well… let Wiles Greenworld tell you.

An environmentally friendly office can help your business reduce its energy consumption, its energy bills, and thus its impact on the environment.

A noteworthy environmental policy and objectives may even influence behaviour; perhaps encouraging employees to cycle to work and recycle more, both at home and in the office.

Wiles Greenworld can help you get these ideas off the page and turn them into meaningful results, helping your London office reduce its carbon footprint.

Reducing your energy use is even more important, particularly when you consider most of U.K energy is created from fossil fuels, which cause global warming through CO2 and NOx emissions. Check out this article for more information on this.

Green Office Tip: For recycled office supplies, recycled paper supplies and the widest choice of green office supplies available contact Wiles Greenworld today.

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