Green Office News – The Global Rise of Solar PV

The adoption of Solar PV installations is beginning to gain traction around the world with India making ambitious strides to increase it’s PV capacity by more than 140GW over the next decade. In a report by Tata Power Solar and Cleantech Experts Bridge to India, analysts argue that India’s solar potential is huge enough to revolutionise the nation’s energy mix, as long as decision-makers followed the best possible solar roadmap.

Current leading nations in solar PV installations, such as Germany and China, will be looking over their shoulders and in the UK (despite the lack of sunshine) installed solar capacity has nearly doubled in the last year from 2.7GW to 4.7GW.

Wiles Greenworld, a truly eco-friendly office, has recently contributed to this figure by installing 80KW of solar PV on our warehouse roof which is currently generating over 35% more power than we are using. This means that we are not only an energy efficient office but also contribute zero emissions when preparing your green office supplies and carry out your free recycling service.

Green Office Tip: Want to significantly contribute to your Sustainability agenda? Contact us for advice and for green office supplies.

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