Green Office News: The future is here… Nearly!

If we told you that a team of two guys flew a plane over the U.S.A without a single carbon emission would you believe us? And what if that plane was able to fly at both day and night?

Then we’d really be pulling your leg, right?

Well think again, as this article shows exactly that as a solar powered plane, with the wingspan the same a Boeing but with a weight similar to a car, has made the trip.

I’ve said this before but at Wiles Greenworld we love news like this. This is an example of green and sustainable innovation and we’re fully behind these pioneers on their mission to communicate the possibilities of sustainable transportation to the world, and even more-so starting with the world’s most carbon intensive country.

At Wiles Greenworld we’re more than happy to raise awareness of green initiatives as we’re fully on board with the significance of the message.

Our office supplies catalogue is bursting with green office products and recycled office supplies to help your office become a green, eco-friendly office and reduce its carbon footprint.

For more information, take a look around our website or contact our friendly expert team today.

Green Office Tip: If you’re not already, change your printer settings to double sided and stop printing all those email footers too!

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