Green Office News: The environmental impacts of the world’s cities.

Here are 3 facts about the environmental impacts of the world’s cities:

1)      Cities represent three quarters of energy consumption and 80% of CO2 emissions worldwide,.

2)      They represent the largest of any environmental policy challenge.

3)      Urbanisation is only set to increase; cities house half the world’s population today but are set to host three quarters in 2050.

With London as one of the world’s economic powerhouses we’re very much doing our part here in the capital to contribute to these figures.

But fortunately it’s not all doom and gloom. At Wiles Greenworld we’re looking to do our bit by minimising the carbon footprint of our activities, which we’ve been doing effectively year on year since 2008. It turns out we’re not alone either, accreditation schemes such as the Carbon Trust Standard and ISO 14001 all have environmental management and best practice at their heart. This is what we’re all about and what you can be too through the achievement of these standards. Also, with the help of our in-house consultants, your path to accreditation is made easier too.

Green Office Tip: Reduce your carbon footprint with London’s greenest office supplier. And for more info on those city stats above click here.

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