Green Office News: The curse of short-termism and its effect on our carbon bubble

Did you know that our government, the ‘greenest government ever’, has overseen a rise of coal consumption of over 25% in just one year , increasing carbon dioxide emissions and making it harder for the U.K to achieve its legally binding CO2 reduction targets.

The argument for this is, as told here, explains that as coal and gas prices have plummeted and carbon permits have got cheaper too its been a financial no brainer for the power companies to switch their power station boilers back on and buy more and more fossil fuels.

The problem with this is that there are more considerations to be made than money and great opportunities in green electricity generation right here in the U.K. As a green company, we recommend other firms to sign up to updates from Greenpeace, Edie and the Environment Agency and of course Wiles Greenworld, your sustainable business supplier, to hear more green office news as soon as it happens.

Green Office Tip: Choosing recycled office supplies where you can is an example of a green office product choice, boosting market change and customer demand for green office products.

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