Green Office News: The Arctic is safe… for now

We’ve read really positive news this morning that oil giant Shell has suspended its arctic drilling exploration plans after continued mechanical faults and reports of environmental contravention. You can read more on this here.

Although as a planet we rely on oil and other fossil fuels to provide power, transport, make products and everything else we humans like to do, at Wiles Greenworld we believe there is another way. By supporting renewables and not fossil fuels we can reduce our consumption of non green energy sources, and thus the need for these already powerful companies to grow by prospecting for oil in inhospitable and environmentally sensitive parts of the world.

Our range of green office supplies supports this too. By recycling using our London recycling service and buying green products with recycled content you are reducing the need for oil intensive manufacturing process and thus reducing the carbon footprint of your office through the products you buy. For example, according to WRAP, 1.32 tonnes of CO2E is saved producing 1 tonne of 100% recycled paper over 100% virgin content paper (WRAP 2007) with part of this saving coming from the reduced need of manufacturing processes.

Green Office Tip: Reduce the oil consumption and the carbon footprint of your office supplies through buying recycled office supplies, green office supplies, and eco friendly office furniture.

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