Green Office News: Surge in world energy demand only cements argument for green energy

There are some pretty scary statistics out there, and those listed in this article can be included under that description.

The link refers to a report which predicts that world energy consumption will grow by 56% between 2010 and 2040. This is pretty staggering as it means that we’ll need over half as much power again to service the level of demand that will be present in just 35 years time.

But how do we provide all this power and not further hurt our planet? Well the answer lies in renewable energy, which we’re huge advocates for. It’s why we only procure 100% renewable energy for Wiles Greenworld HQ.

But did you know that this a great way for any office to be greener? Renewable energy means it’s from a source that can be used again and again, not like fossil fuels which are yesterday’s technologies.

For your office to be greener its important to consider the waste hierarchy and introduce a waste reduction policy. Recycling more while choosing green office products will greatly reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact as less new resources will be required.

If this makes sense to your London office, talk to us today. Wiles Greenworld are your sustainable business supplier, focussed on an eco-friendly office vision and sustainability for your London office.

Green Office Tip: Our free recycling service asks you to segregate to ensure a higher quality recycled material available to manufacturers. But this does still mean your paper recycling can include paper, newspaper, magazines and cardboard.

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