Green Office News: Support your local charity shop and see the savings in more ways than one!

A lot of the movers and shakers in the green business and environmental living circles are well versed in the principles of recycling items rather than disposing of them. After all, if an item still has a useful life, there may well be someone out there who’d want to use it.

Just one example of this is charity shops, not only do they give to the needy, provide warm clothing for those with less disposable income and remain open on our high streets… their activities mean their actually cutting carbon too.

Think about it, if those items weren’t up for resale in the charity shop what else would they doing? Unfortunately in the U.K they would more than likely be in the ground. This article explains it rather well, and reports that the activities of charity shops in the U.K cut 3.7 million tonnes of CO2 every year.

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