Green Office News: Supply chain risks, flooding is just one example.

With more than 60,000 products available next day, we are well aware as to the importance of a rigid supply chain and how operating with sustainability in mind can assist here.

Its why for example, that wherever possible we choose suppliers who have an environmental management system in place and are based as locally as possible. Our work is best explained by clicking here. The Institute of Environmental Managers (IEMA) recently interviewed us on this very subject, showing that we lead the way not only in stationery supply chains but for SMEs more widely.

So if you’re an SME based in London, increase the confidence in your supply chains by calling the experts. We can help you save money on your office supplies and stationery too.

Green Office Tip: Our free London office recycling service is going from strength to strength. Enquire today as to how our recycling services can reduce the cost and carbon footprint attributed to your office.

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