Green Office News – Reducing your Carbon Footprint is Simply the Right Thing to Do!

Carbon reduction has always been a high priority at Wiles Greenworld. Having installed 80KW of Solar PV which completely covers our warehouse roof, we have not only acknowledged that climate change is an ever growing threat but we are also doing our part to minimise the impacts that we are due to experience as a result of an anthropologically induced changing climate.

We are also currently working to address our fleet emissions, with 10% of all our eco friendly office supplies deliveries so far being made on 0 emission vehicles. Addressing our emissions has also become increasingly important due to research recently finding that the world’s plants and oceans, which typically absorb a quarter of global CO2 emissions, have significantly slowed their rate of absorption. This could significantly accelerate the rate at which the Earth warms.

So if you want to truly reduce your carbon footprint and become a green office by receiving recycled office supplies from recycled office suppliers, then Wiles Greenworld is the environmental office supplies company for you.

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